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Top 10 bike trails in Małopolska

Top 10 bike trails in Małopolska

Trzech kolarzy na ścieżce rowerowej
We present the Top 10 trails of Małopolska for Bikes that you must learn about before you embark on a cycling journey around Małopolska.

Małopolska, thanks to its geographical and natural diversity, has to offer countless attractions addressed to cyclists. It doesn’t matter if you came here for a while, you are a regular visitor or a resident, a seasoned cyclist or a beginner gravel rider. Everyone will find a cycling route for themselves in Małopolska.

1. To Zakopane by bike – VeloDunajec

VeloDunajec is a showcase of Małopolska, especially when it comes to cycling tourism.

The most beautiful route with a number of natural and cultural attractions. All places on the trail are connected by the Dunajec River and by the bicycle route the course of which was marked out by the river. From Podhale, where it takes its beginning, to Wietrzychowice, the place where the Dunajec flows into the Vistula and where the VeloDunajec route connects with the Vistula Bike Route. Download a description of the route and its attractions plus a map with GPX files - here

Trasa rowerowa przy rzece

2. Bike Park Słotwiny Arena and the observation tower in Krynica-Zdrój

Małopolska has a wealth of mountains and forests, amazing views and excellent conditions for cycling, including its extreme Enduro and Downhill styles.

Bike Park Słotwiny Arena operates in the spring-autumn period at the ski station in Krynica-Zdrój. It is 10 km of well-prepared and constantly maintained one-way routes of varying difficulty. In the Bike Park there is also an equipment rental and a bicycle school.

Krynica is not the only place for adventurous cyclists. Due to the dynamically developing infrastructure around the ski resorts and constantly appearing new mountain biking routes, every mountain bike lover, regardless of age, will feel real emotions here! Where can you find pump tracks, dozens of mountain trails and real bike parks? Of course, in Małopolska! Zjazd na rowerze górskim w lesie

3. Małopolska for road and long-distance cyclists

An ideal even surface is a dream situation for road cycling enthusiasts.

In Małopolska there are quite a lot of bicycle routes prepared for narrow tires. Below are links to descriptions and GPS maps of trails where flat asphalt prevails, which bypass virtually everything that is still under construction and with gravel, damaged asphalt or other nuisances. The road cycling trail follows the Vistula Bike Route loop, VeloDunajec and Vistula Bike Route

kolarz przejeżdża przez kładkę rowerową

4. On a bike with a child – VeloKrynica and more

Małopolska thinks about all cyclists but especially warmly about the youngest ones!

A ready-made list of proposals especially for children and novice cyclists can be found here. The cycling paths are easy, not too long and, above all, most of them are separated from car traffic.

Uśmiechnięta dziewczynka na wycieczce rowerowej

5. VeloCzorsztyn

Two suggestions for trips around the lake – link 

The most famous and most visited cycling route in Małopolska. To understand the phenomenon of the Czorsztyn Lake it is enough to go there and see for yourself. Beautiful views, perfect surface, abundant food service and accommodation facilities, plenty of attractions. The lake has its two faces: the one from the tourist season, the other more quiet, seen in autumn and winter. Everyone will fall in love with this route, provided that they come at the right time for them.

rowerzystka na ścieżce rowerowej przy jeziorze

6. ElPoprado and VeloNatura

The southern section of VeloNatura, the iconic cycling route on the Pieniny road and VeloKrynica.

This item on the list can compete with the route around the Czorsztyn Lake. The result will certainly remain undecided because the both places have the same potential and undeniable advantages: well-developed tourist base, a number of attractions and the beauty of the landscape resulting from the combination of water and mountains. Welcome to ElPoprado! 

Ścieżka rowerowa w tle widać zielone góry

7. The Cycling Trail of the Eagles’ Nests

Not everyone knows that one of the most famous tourist trails in Poland, the Trail of the Eagles’ Nests, has its own cycling counterpart.

It is almost 30 km longer than the pedestrian trail and much more difficult due to sandy grounds and elevations. We advise you to go on a bike trip with wider tires. Be warned, you can encounter errant knights and white ladies en route!

zamek na górze

8. Zator and the Carp Valley – a cycling adventure for the whole family

How to spend a weekend with the whole family with attractions guaranteed for everyone?

Nothing simpler: be sure to visit Zator and the Carp Valley. Eleven bicycle trails have been marked out in the area of the historical carp breeding basin, between the ponds stretching in the valley of the Vistula, Skawa and Wieprzówka rivers. The green, silence and slow-style relaxation right next to the largest amusement park in the region. Amateurs of good food, fishing and kayaking are welcome.

stawy i pola z kwitnącym rzepakiem

9. The Route Around the Tatra Mountains

A must for lovers of the most beautiful mountains in Poland!

The trail runs through the historical and cultural lands of Podhale, Orava, Liptov and Spiš, located on both sides of the Tatra Mountains. The route refers to the historical and cultural heritage: the oldest settlements, old trade routes (salt, amber and wine), architectural monuments including wooden folk construction, unique folklore and folk art, and unique landscapes of the Tatra region.

Widok na góry

10.Through the Niepołomice Forest

Take shelter in the shade of trees!

On hot days, the Niepołomice Forest invites you to take cover under pines, spruce trees and majestic oaks. Venturing into these wooded areas, remember that the Old Polish name of the forest means “impossible to overcome”! This is why it is a good idea to print a map and save the route on your phone. During this trip will be easy to lose range and there is simply no signage in the area. Be careful about animals, both small and large.

dwie osoby siedzą na ławce i oglądają mapę, obok stoją rowery

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