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Cycling guides of Małopolska

Cycling guides of Małopolska

Na zdjęciu widać człowieka stojącego przed ladą. Pani z obsługi punktu informacji turystycznej pokazuje mu coś palcem na rozłożonej na ladzie mapie.

List of cycling guides of the Małopolska region available to download in PDF version

1. Cycling around the Małopolska region. Best routes according to the blogers

The publication consists of 19 suggestions for one-day, multi-day and family cycling trips. The trips are recommended by well-known and well-liked authors of popular travel blogs. The guide also includes advice on how you should prepare for a cycling adventure. For more information on the guide and an on-line map, click here.


2. Cycle the Tatras. Cycling guide

The publication by Wojciech Goj contains a description of 30 excursions in the Podtatrze (Subtatra) region.

For more information on the guide and an on-line map, click here.

3. Małopolska Wine Route. Cycling guide

Guide created by the Gorce Tourist Organisation. All the marked tours run close to the vineyards along the Małopolska Wine Route and have the form of closed 30–40 km loops.

For more information on the guide, on-line map and GPX files to download, click here.

4. Explore Małopolska in the eco rhythm

A series of guides containing micro-tours of the Małopolska regions.

  • For more on the whole project, click here
  • Cycling tour suggestions, maps and GPX files to download - here

5. VeloMałopolska – Travel Journal

Fourteen-year-old Mikołaj, together with his parents and 10-year-old sister Milena, went on a cycling trip to the Małopolska region. The publication is a description of this journey, includes maps and hints and tips, especially useful for a family cycling trip on the VeloDunajec route and the western section of the Vistula Bicycle Route.

Where to get paper versions of cycling guides to the Małopolska region?

Na zdjęciu punkt informacji turystycznej. Mężczyzna stoi przed ladą z folderami, kobieta z obsługi wskazuje palcem miejsce na rozłożonej przed nią mapie.

Paper versions of cycling guides of Małopolska should be requested at tMSIT tourist information points and during cycling events organised by @Małopolska.

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