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On-line maps, GPX files and map applications

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VeloMałpolska route information on-line:
  1. GPX files for download
  2. Map of the Geoportal of the Małopolska Spatial Information Infrastructure (MIIP)
  3. Mobile applications dedicated to cycling tourism in Małopolska
  4. VeloMałopolska on Google maps
  5. Other portals and map services

GPX files

Vistula Bike Route





GPX files with maps of tours can be downloaded from the Geoportal of the Małopolska Spatial Information Infrastructure, linked below.


On-line map on the Geoportal of the Małopolska Spatial Information Infrastructure (MIIP)

The MIIP map presents:

  • the network of existing and under-construction VeloMałopolska bicycle routes;
  • a map of recommended cycling trails;
  • bike tours which can be filtered by categories: length, difficulty, loop/line, type (family, road, MTB, tourist/gravel, thematic);
  • Cyclist-Friendly Places and Cyclist Service Areas. 

To select an item, click the icon in the upper right corner of the mapikona przedstawiająca warstwy na mapie. Click the icon in the left corner to enlarge the map ikona.

After clicking on the selected trail/trip on the map you will see basic information about it, a GPX file to download and a link to the full description.

Map on the MIIP Geoportal – the extended version of the map on the Geoportal website 

The above map composition is also available in the MIIP mobile application. The application allows you to see with high accuracy the part of the bicycle route that you want to drive on. This is not an application dedicated only to cyclists, so it contains tips on how to find the right map. 


Mobile Applications

Rowerowa Małopolska – bicycle navigation and travel planner for Małopolska

The map application will select a cycling route in one of the three modes: tourist, urban and off-road. It contains a database of routes in the form of suggestions for cycling trips, ecotourism trips, main cycling routes and the VeloMałopolska route network – download the application - here.

This planner application is also accessible using web browser, on the website

Recommended applications for cycling tourism in Małopolska:

Nazwa aplikacji logo Google Plat Logo App store
Rowerowa Małopolska download  download
VisitMałopolska download download
MIIP Mobile download download
Szlaki Turystyczne Małopolski PTTK download download



VeloMałopolska on GoogleMaps

After clicking on specific route, its description is displayed along with a link that should be clicked to go to a detailed map showing the progress of construction and surface type. Similar maps have also been created for trails and excursions.

Unfortunately, GoogleMaps does not yet include all ready-made sections of the VeloMalopolska network in its algorithm for determining the optimal selection of bicycle routes. We present routes using Google Maps for one simple reason: it is the most popular map application worldwide, present on virtually every smartphone.

Legend to GoogleMaps:

  • DDR (black): Asphalt roads separated from traffic for DDR bikes or CPR pedestrian-bicycle trails, routed mainly on river embankments, suitable for any type of bike.
  • ROAD (gray): Public asphalt roads, routed within general traffic. Most of them are a sections with calm or negligible traffic. They are suitable for any type of bike.
  • OTHER (red): Fragments running on gravel roads, concrete pavements or dirt paths. They are not only suitable for road bikes but any other type of bike will do (when the ground is dry) without too much problems.
  • UNDER CONSTRUCTION (yellow): Construction works may still be underway on these sections, so the passage is either impossible or not very comfortable. After the completion of the works these sections will have a bituminous surface (asphalt / concrete).
  • PLANNED (purple): Sections that have been planned to b built, the riding on which is very difficult for the time being (off-road driving on dirt paths) or not yet possible at all. Each of these sections is separately commented because their have different scheduled completion dates.

Portals and map services

The main routes can be also found in the OSM maps (, so most applications based on these maps (Komoot, LocusMap) should “see” all finished sections of the main routes (new sections put into service are added to the OSM on an ongoing basis). 

We also recommend the portal of the Małopolska’s section of the Polish Tourist and Sightseeing Society (PTTK) with hiking and cycling trails (finished sections of VeloMałopolska routes are shown on these maps).

Map Planner -

Route previews in the form of videos (hyper lapse) and other records from trips can be found on the