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Małopolska Region invites you for cycling!

Małopolska Region invites you for cycling!

Rowerzysta z sakwami na trasie rowerowej w tle widać jezioro
Do you only cycle occasionally? Or perhaps bike is an integral part of you? Do you dream of long cycling tours or do you prefer one-day trips with a base in one place? Are you looking for suggestion for weekend reset, or perhaps you want to spend your holidays on bike? In Małopolska Region you can fulfill all your biking dreams. We have tips for where to go with your family, what maps to use, how to look for accommodation and which trail may be reached via public transportation.

Maps and guides

A treasure trove of inspiration and knowledge about the Małopolska Region bicycle offer is the website. 

Here you can find suggestions for family trips, tours in the eco rhytm, or information on bike parks and pumptracks

You should also visit and like “Małopolska na rowery” fanpage.

If you prefer to plan the tour by yourself, you can do it with the help of on-line map with current state of bicycle routes development and proposed routes and bicycle trips. Bicycle guides to Małopolska with downloadable GPX files are also a good source of information on attractions for cyclists and places you should visit on the bike. Information about attractions along VeloMałopolska routes can also be found on maps for self-printing.

To plan your trip but also to get help on the trail you may use mobile PTTK application Tourist Trails of Małopolska, and Rowerowa Malopolska voice navigation.

Paper versions of maps and guides are available at Tourist Information Points. 

Kobieta w stroju sportowym wskazuje palcem punk na mapie

Kraków, Tarnów, Nowy Sącz, Oświęcim or Zakopane?

You may tour Małopolska not leaving your bike seat or plan shorter trips around larger urban and tourist centers. Each of them can be reached from the region’s capitol by regional train, there are also trains from other Polish cities, e.g. from Katowice, Rzeszów, Warsaw or Wrocław.  

What are the things to see in each of Małopolska’s regions?

Here you can find propositions of ready-to-use trip plans close to Kraków, Tarnów, Wadowice and Oświęcim, bike trails in Podhale and Beskid Sądecki.

Rodzina na wycieczce rowerowej w górach

Małopolska Region– paradise for cyclists

Hundreds of kilometers of flat and safe bicycle routes under the VeloMałopolska sign, thousands of kilometers of bicycle trails of various difficulty levels, and countless tourist attractions, wonderful views, excellent accommodation and a wide range of Cyclist Friendly Places (Miejsca Przyjazne Rowerzystom - MPR) - this is a guarantee of a successful cycling adventure.

What awaits you in Małopolska are both easy – flat and asphalt routes, and more demanding, long-distance mountain trails

With over 900 km of European-standard routes now available, this growing network is perfect for beginner cyclists, family bike tours, road racing and long-distance touring. The Vistula Bicycle Route - Wiślana Trasa Rowerowa, VeloDunajec, EuroVelo4 and EuroVelo11 as well as the Route Around the Tatra Mountains - Szlak Wokół Tatr - are routes known to both Polish and foreign tourists. 

Cycling tourism in the region includes European standard VeloMałopolska routes and over 3,000 km of bicycle trails of various difficulty levels including suggestions for mountain and gravel bikes. For MTB and wilder cycling enthusiasts, there is an infrastructure developed mainly around ski resorts. In this article you may find bikeparks and mountain bike routes in Małopolska.

Dwie dziewczyny siedzą na ławce nad stawem w lesie, obok stoją zaparkowane rowery

Where can you stay during bike trip in Małopolska?

Additional convenience on the routes are Cyclist Service Points (MOR) and sheds, where you can find shelter from the rain, rest before continuing your journey or have a family picnic. All MORs and some local shelters for cyclists have been additionally equipped with stationary repair kits.

When visiting Małopolska, you can use the offer of Cyclist Friendly Places (MPR)

They include both tourist attractions, service points - including bicycle rentals, accommodation and catering places as well as tourist information points. In each of them you will find e.g. safe bicycle parking, tools for basic bicycle repairs, up-to-date information on nearby service points, and bicycle shops, or the sale of spare parts for bicycles. In accommodation places there is also the option of staying for one night and for safe storage of bicycles with luggage during your stay. A list and a map of places with such certificate can be found here.

Rowerzyści podjeżdżają pod ruiny zamku

Races and cycling events in Małopolska

Małopolska not only builds high-quality cycling routes, but also co-organizes regular events for cyclists and takes patronage of many cycling events including races for amateurs and professionals. Information and a calendar of current events are available on the websit.

See you on the trail! Małopolska, go cycling!

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