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Rezerwat Przyrody Bór na Czerwonem Nowy Targ

“Bór na Czerwonem” Nature Reserve, Nowy Targ

Rezerwat Przyrody Bór na Czerwonem

Nowy Targ Tourist region: Tatry i Podhale

tel. +48 182662947
tel. +48 182662925
Organiser: Nadleśnictwo Nowy Targ
ul. Kowaniec 70, 34-400 Nowy Targ
It is one of the few places where you can admire a peat bog, and with a view of a beautiful panorama of the Tatras to boot. The “Bór na Czerwonem” [Forest Upon Red] Nature Reserve in Nowy Targ is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Podhale today.

Why Forest upon the Red? The name of the reserve comes from the zygonium ericetorum alga, whose thallus takes on a deep red colour in autumn. The Nowy Targ forest was one of the first forests in Poland to be protected. Already in 1925, the unique character of the forest complex was recognised by creating a nature reserve covering 2 hectares of raised peat bog. In connection with intensive peat extraction work that threatened the existence of the peat bog, it was decided in the 1950s to expand the protection area of the reserve to 8 hectares, and in the following years to more than 114 hectares. One of the algae found here is zygonium ericetorum, which takes on a deep red colour after it dries in autumn.

What is peat? Peat is a sedimentary rock formed by the incomplete decomposition of plant remains in the topsoil under conditions of prolonged or complete flooding. Peat deposits grow extremely slowly, about 1–1.5 millimetres per year, and only under suitable conditions. For centuries, peat was used for homestead purposes, mainly as fertiliser or fuel. It also found applications in medicine as therapeutic poultice and as an additive to various kinds of medicines. A rather interesting educational path has been marked out through the reserve, bringing tourists closer to this little-known but very beautiful fragment of Podhale. The viewing platform at the end of the path lets visitors admire a panorama of the Tatras and the Gorce Mountains, but above all the unique and picturesque landscape of the peat bog.

Bor na Czerwonem has been included in the European Ecological Network Natura 2000 and, as of 9 May 2018, is on the Ramsar List of wetlands of especial international importance.

Easy access,, the infrastructure surrounding the reserve, proximity to the city and to the 'Around the Tatra Mountains' cycling route and well-prepared cross-country skiing trails complete the picture. School groups are most welcome here. Forestry Inspectorate personnel  conduct educational activities by appointment for school groups, so this is the ideal place for a class trip.

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