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Karpacki Szlak Rowerowy (Leluchów - Myślenice)

Carpathian Bicycle Trail (Leluchów – Myślenice)

Piękny widok na ruiny zamku z lotu ptaka . Widać cylindryczną basztę, dziedziniec otoczony murem i pozostałości budynku mieszkalnego. Od zamku po prawo ciągnie się droga. Wokół ruin zielone lasy.
Scale of difficulty: For advanced
Types of trails: Cycle
Length of trail: 180
Muszyna Tourist region: Beskid Sądecki i Niski, Gorce i Beskid Wyspowy

Beginning of the trail: Leluchów

End of the trail: Myślenice

Total length of the trail: 180.8 km

Difficulty: difficult – due to length, steep inclines, poor road surface and heavy traffic in some sections

Trail colour: red

The trail described below is the original idea of using the main section of the Carpathian Bicycle Trail laid out since 2009 by the Nowy Sącz Tourist Organisation. Looked after by different municipalities, the trail’s signposting has been inconsistent, which makes it a good idea to follow the attached GPX trail. We propose that the trail between Leluchów and Tropie be regarded as a much more demanding alternative to the new trails created within the VeloMałopolska bicycling trail network (VeloNatura, VeloDunajec). It is intended for definitely more advanced cyclists, who are not satisfied with riding through mountains only along the river valleys and who like to climb their steep banks from time to time. The trip from Wytrzyszczka to Myślenice is also a demanding ride through the Island Beskids range, to the future VeloRaba trail. In the Poprad Valley, the Carpathian Bicycle Route runs mainly along voivodeship road No. 87, and after the inauguration of EuroVelo11 running along the left bank of the river, it may become an interesting idea for a cycling loop between Muszyna and Piwniczna. The route is mostly on asphalt roads, but there are also well-maintained gravel sections (a trekking or gravel bike is recommended).

Maximum elevation: 566 m a.s.l.

The lowest point on the route is at elevation: 223 m a.s.l.

The route runs through the following protected areas:

Landscape parks: Ciężkowice-Rożnów Landscape Park, Poprad Landscape Park

Natura 2000: Ostoja Popradzka, Środkowy Dunajec and its tributaries, Habitat of the Bats of the Island Beskids

22% of the route runs through forested areas.

Tourist attractions: former synagogue (city of Nowy Sącz), Bell Tower (city of Nowy Sącz), Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Jodłownik (Jodłownik),  Church of St. Clement (old) (Myślenice),   St. Martin’s Church (Wiśniowa), Church of  Stanislaus bishop of Kraków and martyr, Church of St. Barbara the Martyress (Jodłownik), Church of the Discovery of the Holy Cross and the Holy Trinity in Nowe Rybie (Limanowa), Church of St. Roch in Nowy Sącz (city of Nowy Sącz), Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Jodłownik (new) (Jodłownik), Linden of 1830 (Myślenice), Regional TMP Museum (Piwniczna-Zdrój), Ruins of the Royal Castle in Nowy Sącz (Nowy Sącz), Ruins of Starosts’ Castle (Muszyna), Castle Ruins in Rytro (Rytro), former synagogue in Wiśniowa (Wiśniowa), Lower Castle (Gródek nad Dunajcem), Upper Castle – Castle of Zawisza Czarny (Gródek nad Dunajcem), Tropsztyn Castle (Czchów). Natural attractions: Natura 2000 – Ostoja Popradzka, Natura 2000 – Habitat of the Bats of the Island Beskids, Natura 2000 – Środkowy Dunajec with tributaries, Obrożyska Linden Forest Nature Reserve, Zamczysko nad Rabą Nature Reserve, Ciężkowice-Rożnów Landscape Park, Poprad Landscape Park, Wiśnicz-Lipnica Landscape Park

7% of the trail runs on roads free of motor vehicle traffic.

Myślenice – Trzemeśna – Wiśniowa – Szczyrzyc – Rozdziele – Wytrzyszczka – Rożnów – Gródek nad Dunajcem – Nowy Sącz – Rytro – Piwniczna-Zdrój - Muszyna – Leluchów

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