In and around Oświęcim

widok na rynek w Oświęcimiu z ratuszem
In the vicinity of Oświęcim we will find numerous fish ponds, loess humps and forest areas. In addition to the unique flora associated with a large number of water reservoirs, there are also agricultural areas as well as alluvial-elm and alder-ash forests.

The Carp Valley in Zator, which is the basin of royal carp breeding, creates ideal conditions for the life of rare species of fish and birds. Ferruginous duck, night heron, white-breasted tern, common tern and bittern are the undisputed objects of interest of lovers of photography of unique nature.

The habitats of endangered birds and plants, unique in Europe, occurring in the Oświęcim commune have contributed to including this area in the structure of the European Ecological Network Natura 2000. Thus, the protection of biological diversity has become the overarching goal of all related activities. The regulations of the Natura 2000 Area cover, among others, the Lower Soła Valley characterised by valuable communities of alluvial-willow and poplar forests, as well as ponds in Brzeszcze, which delight with an intact ecological corridor of the Upper Vistula. There are many wonderful animal species in the Soła Valley, including otters, crested newts, toads, asp or barbells, which all live surrounded by old river basins with unique vegetation growing on stream stones.


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