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Winnica Gaj Mogilany

Gaj Vineyard

zbliżenie na grono różowych winogron

ul. Latochówki 5, 32-031 Mogilany Tourist region: Kraków i okolice

tel. +48 608591960
'Champagne' from Krakow's outlying villages made using a 300-year-old method.

In the south of Krakow, in the village of Gaj near Mogilany, there is a family vineyard run by a father and daughter. Andrzej Barański bought the land together with an old wooden house, where he decided to plant vines and start home wine production. The grape varieties found here – Kay Gray, Bianca, Rondo, Regent, Pinot Noir, Jutrzenka, Prairie Star, Swenson and Arcadia – are grown using the methods of organic farming, without fertilisers or pesticides. After a few years, the owner of the vineyard decided to produce only sparkling wine, which is made using a method from 300 years ago – just like champagne was made. At the Polish Vintners' Convention, the Gajus sparkling wine 2013 gained fame, wide acceptance and publicity among people from the industry.
In addition to wine, the farm also produces excellent ciders from old apple varieties, as well as a wide variety of fruit liqueurs, which mature for a long time in the cellar.
Alongside the vineyard, an impressive – for such a small-scale production – stone cellar has been built into the hillside. Its stylish red-brick interior is used for wine-making and ageing, and also houses a spacious tasting room capable of accommodating dozens of people.


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