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Centrum Edukacyjno-Przyrodnicze Brama w Gorce Waksmund

Brama w Gorce Education-Natural Science Centre Waksmund

Drewniana ścieżka w koronach drzew.

ul. Konfederacji Tatrzańskiej, 34-431 Waksmund Tourist region: Gorce i Beskid Wyspowy

The wild Gorce Mountains, where it is possible to come across a deer, lynx or wolf track, or even a bear dropping by for a visit... and in the Gorce Carpathian Forest, a primaeval forest growing in the Gorce Mountains long before people settled there, are giants of several hundred years ago – beeches, sycamores, firs and spruces. Beautiful Gorce glades and meadows, floral carpets decorated with multicoloured crocuses, yellow buttercups, lilac-red gladioli, purple heather or orange hawthorn are the adornments of the Gorce summits with picturesque panoramas of the Tatra, Pieniny and Beskid Mountains. Criss-crossed by many trails and easily accessible, the Gorce Mountains remain almost empty, mysterious and intriguing, and even today, the locals sometimes tell among themselves dark legends about Gorce's nymphs or weirdryads.

This fascinating world of the Gorce wilderness and its intriguing centuries-old Carpathian heritage are presented in an attractive, interactive and tangible way by ‘Brama w Gorce’ – the newly opened Education-Natural Science Centre in Waksmund. The Centre is, first and foremost, a unique walking path – it leads up into the treetops, then along the ground to an underground tunnel:

  • you can admire mountain landscapes and the Carpathian wilderness from a footbridge and two lookout towers (17 and 35 metres high) in the treetops and have a cup of coffee in the lookout café,
  • on the ground in the natural and educational pavilion building, interactive teaching aids, multimedia exhibitions, a cinema room, and a shepherd's hut allow you to get a real feel for the flora and fauna of Gorce National Park, which has been protecting the Carpathian heritage of the Gorce Mountains since 1981 –  you can touch sheep's wool here, listen to the sounds of the Carpathian forest or learn about the process of producing oscypek cheese and about the region’s sheep herding culture,
  • in a 40-metre-long underground tunnel, a multimedia presentation reveals the mysteries of cave nature and geology – the composition of rocks and the way water gives them shape.

Educational boards are set up along the 1,300-metre-long walking path, and wooden figures of Gorce animals are placed on the ground alongside the trails. The modern educational techniques used in the Centre blend in perfectly with the surrounding unspoilt nature, making it easier to learn and understand – especially for children, who can take photos with a lifelike figure of a bear, lynx or fox. The Centre's offer is complemented by a gift shop, a playground, cafés and a barbecue area.

Opening hours: daily 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.
Ticket prices – information at https://www.bramawgorce.com/cennik
How to get there – information at https://www.bramawgorce.com/jak-dojade


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