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Bike Park Słotwiny Arena

Start trasy niebieskiej w Bike Park Słotwiny Arena
Słotwiny Arena Bike Park is a new bicycle park operating in the spring-autumn period on the premises of the Słotwiny Arena ski station, in Krynica-Zdrój. The first routes were commissioned in 2020, with one more to be completed in 2021. A total of 10 km of specially prepared and continuously maintained varied one-way trails are to be offered at the resort.


Mapa Bike Park Słotwiny Arena

In addition, the site has a well-prepared ancillary infrastructure (car park at the lower cable car station, bicycle wash, Słotwiny Arena restaurant, Barbecue under the Tower). An additional attraction is the wooden lookout tower from where all the cycle routes start. There will also be an equipment rental service and a cycle school at the Bike Park starting with the 2021 cycling season.


Widok na wieżę widokową z wyciągu Bike Park Słotwiny Arena