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Małopolska Region is a true paradise for all who wish to spend active time on two wheels – ranging from light rides on flat terrain to demanding mountain biking routes. Cyclists can already use over 900 km of routes at a European standard. More information on the routes is available in the VeloMałopolska section. In addition, there are over 3,000 km of cycle trails of varying degrees of difficulty with a variety of cycling paths. Mountain bikers can enjoy of the growing number of bike parks and mountain trails. The region's cycling offer is complemented with Cyclist Friendly Places (MPR).
The current status of trail development and proposed routes and cycling tours have been marked on maps which are available on-line or for printing.

Planning a trip will be additionally facilitated by four virtual walks along the routes, which also allow you to visit the Vistula Cycling Route, VeloDunajec, EuroVelo11/VeloNatury and EuroVelo4/VeloMetropolis without leaving your home.
Małopolska Region builds cycling routes of excellent quality, but also co-organises and patronises a number of cycling events, including races for amateurs and professionals. Information and a calendar of current events is available in the News section.