Vistula Cycle Route
Małopolska posiada wyjątkowo dogodne warunki do rozwoju turystyki aktywnej i rekreacyjnej. Największe atuty regionu to duża różnorodność topograficzna, przyrodnicza, piękne krajobrazy oraz zabytki. Dzięki realizowanemu przez województwo projektowi VeloMałopolska wiele z tych miejsc można odwiedzić podczas wypraw rowerowych.


The feeling of complete freedom, unlimited space, positive emotions and only good thoughts occupying your mind. Is it possible? Yes!!! Just get on a bike and life will take on a whole new spin! Fans of two wheels have a bright future and great possibilities ahead. Very soon, cyclists will have the opportunity to enjoy almost 1,000 kilometres of well-marked routes connecting the most fascinating natural beauty spots and tourist attractions. All thanks to the initiative taken by Małopolska Region to implement the largest cycle route project in Poland, known as ‚VeloMałopolska’. The project includes construction of eight modern cycle routes of the highest European standard, running through the region of Małopolska, incluing two sections within the EuroVelo network.
Some sections have already been completed and made available to cyclists; on other sections, intensive construction works are still in progress. Currently, over 550 km of routes are available for use. Feel free to test the possibilities offered by the new sections right now, and to discover the joys of riding a bike. See you on the routes of VeloMałopolska!


Other cycle routes


VeloMałopolska in numbers:

  • over 550 km are already passable, of which 340 km are separated bicycle routes;
  • 6 large bridge structures and a dozen smaller ones have already been built, and another 5 large bridge structures are under construction or tender;
  • 21 new Cyclist Resting Points have already been built, and several others are under construction;
  • VeloMałopolska routes have become an impulse for the construction of new bicycle routes and trails;
  • each year as much as 340,000 cyclists are travelling only along the VeloMałopolska routes


See current map:

Map VeloMalopolska