Kayaking down the Sztoła River in Bukowno

Kayaking down the Sztoła River in Bukowno

zdjęcie przedstawiajace kajak i rzekę
Kayaking down the Sztoła River in Bukowno promises intense fun and a way to spend free time with your family.

The kayaking trip takes place using double kayaks down the Sztoła River, from the “Leśny Dwór” lake on Spacerowa Street to the bridge on Borowska Street. The route is varied and impressive, leading through the forest, with many turns and bends, which leaves a lasting impression on the participants.

The rapid current of the river at times, natural obstacles and meanders make kayaking on Sztoła an interesting and emotion-inducing experience. The trip down the segment of the river can be completed in up to 1.5 hours.

The participants can use 16 double kayaks, along with the necessary equipment. They can also take advantage of two kayaking marinas at the beginning and the end of the trip, where they can safely get into their kayaks. The participants are bound by the trip rules, available at each of the marinas. You may participate in the trip throughout the summer on weekends from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. 

Join us if you would like to admire the natural values of the Sztoła River Valley from a different, new perspective. Kayaks can be used by children supervised by adults who know how to swim.

For more information about the kayaking trips, please call: 32 64 21 104



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