Not just for adrenaline lovers – canoeing and rafting in Małopolska

Not just for adrenaline lovers – canoeing and rafting in Małopolska

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Water sports in Małopolska? Of course! Although the Małopolska rivers are not particularly wild, some sections of Białka, Dunajec and artificial canoeing tracks still offer plenty of opportunities for rafting and whitewater canoeing. Rafting is an extreme sport, where participants navigate a mountain river on special pontoons or rafts. Despite its extreme nature, participants can enjoy a number of difficulty levels. Mountain rivers, like ski trails, have different “difficulties” – from easy to very difficult and extreme.

Rafting on the Dunajec River is easy, completely safe and does not require any particular skills or experience, even for children. Each participant gets a life jacket, a helmet, a paddle, and the pontoon is steered by an experienced instructor.
Pontoon rafting on the Dunajec River is available from April to the end of October. A more extreme, medium-difficulty rafting trip that will surely leave you wanting for more is organised on the Białka River, on the border of Podhale and Spiš regions.

Rafting on Białka is available in spring, when snow melts in the Tatra Mountains (May-June). Rafting down the wild Białka – the only true alpine river in Poland – is the best thing rafting has to offer. Cold, crystal-clear water and beautiful views of the Tatra Mountains make it an experience of a lifetime.

For those who are looking for that adrenaline hit, but who don’t want to go too far, the best option is rafting on an artificial canoeing and rafting track in Krakow, in the Kolna centre, which offers a medium difficulty rafting track, designed to provide maximum safety. The figures imitating rocks are made of plastic and the bottom is devoid of stones. Rafting in Krakow is a great idea for residents and tourists visiting the region, to actively spend time in the city.

Whitewater canoeing is still a new, developing extreme sport discipline in Poland, which gives you that coveted adrenaline rush and makes you smile with excitement. Whitewater canoes are made of very durable plastic, which allows you to navigate through the most demanding rivers. Like in the case of other extreme disciplines, the rivers vary in difficulty and beginners start with nearly still water. Despite appearances, whitewater canoeing can be practised at any age, as long as you want to try and are in good shape. Mountain canoeing in Małopolska can be practised on several rivers, including  Dunajec, Białka, Kamienna and on an artificial track in Kraków at the Kolna centre, as well as in Wietrznice near Łącko.

If you are looking for more information, organisers of various events and activities will surely share everything they know – you can visit Rivent-Sport and Rivent-Sport was born out of the founders’ passion for water and extreme sports such as whitewater canoeing and rafting. Today, Rivent-Sport is a canoe shop, which offers whitewater canoeing courses, canoeing and rafting trips on the Dunajec River, as well as rafting on an artificial whitewater canoeing and rafting track in Krakow. The company also organises trips to Slovenia, Austria and Croatia.


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