Flying clubs

Flying clubs


Paragliding. Popular destinations for paragliders include the area of Zakopane (Nosal, Gubałówka, Czarna Góra and Kasprowy Wierch mountains), Kluszkowiec (Wdżar mountain), Szczawnica (Jarmuta, Palenica) and Nowy Sącz (Skrzętle). Many places good for paragliding can also be found around Kraków, mainly in the Kraków-Częstochowa Upland. In order to be able to fly alone, you will need to complete a course, but you can fly together with an instructor with no special qualifications.

Skydiving. An option for serious thrill seekers. You don’t need to complete a course. A few-minute training session is enough to jump in tandem (in one parachute harness) with an instructor. More adventurous people can jump even from 4000 m and admire the magnificent scenery of the Tatra Mountains. Apart from the places listed above, tandem skydiving is also offered by flying clubs on airfields in Nowy Targ, Łososina Dolna and Pobiednik Wielki near Kraków.


Skydiving and paragliding:


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