Velo Dunajec (with detours of missing sections)

rzeka i widok na góry
Suggested, current proposal to travel along the VeloDunajec route (240 km), which leads on asphalt / ready fragments and include detours along local roads (unfortunately with heavy traffic / elevation) in those sections that are still under construction or in the phase of plannig.
Difficulty: Medium
Trail length: 233
Facilities: Camping sites, Place for a bonfire, Viewpoints, Information boards, Toilets, Shelters, Educational paths

It is a suggestion of trip for those who want to check what has already been built as part of the Velo Dunajec route from Zakopane to Wietrzychowice (where it connects with the Vistula Bicycle Route). This trail is mostly suitable for road bikes, except for the section through the Slovak part of the Pieniny Road through the Dunajec Gorge, where we recommend the users of road bikes to rather go through Leśnica and Wielki Lipnik to Czerwony Klasztor.

The rest of this route offers either asphalt or hard surface, the only gravel and hardened sections are in Zgłobice (200 m), and in Biały Dunajec (800 m).

Difficulty: medium (due to detour sections that run on roads with heavy traffic / elevation) The trail runs in 47% on roads separated from car traffic.

The maximum altitude is: 836 m asl. The lowest point on the route is at an altitude of 176 m asl. The route runs through the following protected areas: Landscape Parks: Ciężkowice-Rożnów Landscape Park National Parks: Pieniny National Park Natura 2000: Białka Valley, Podkowce in Szczawnica, Niedzica, Dolny Dunajec, Górny Dunajec, Środkowy Dunajec with tributaries, peat bogs in the Orawa-Nowy Targ basin, Pieniny 16% of the route runs through the forest.