Zamek Dębno

Dębno Castle

Wśród drzew czerwony murowany z cegły zamek, z dwiema wysokimi wieżami po bokach, z podmurówką z kamieni oraz kilkoma oknami. Po prawej wystający fragment zamku. Dach pokryty czerwoną dachówką.

Dębno 189, 32-852 Dębno Tourist region: Tarnów i okolice

tel. +48 146658035
The late-Gothic castle was built between 1470 and 1490 in the location of an earlier stronghold. Its founder was Jakub Dębiński of the Odrowąż coat of arms (1427–1490), the great chancellor of the crown and the Kraków castellan. The castle is a gem and an outstanding monument of the architecture favoured by the nobility.

The residence has the shape of an irregular quadrangle with an inner courtyard. In 1586, the castle was renovated in the Renaissance style. Its contemporary owner was the secretary of King Stefan Batory Ferenc Wesselini from Hungary. The subsequent owners renovated the residence, yet without changing the original structure of the stronghold they were the Tarło, Lanckoroński, Rogawski, Rudnicki, Spławski and Jastrzębski families. Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque porticoes catch the eye. The building was erected mainly for representative purposes. It comprises four parts, connected with a wooden porch. The walls of the castle are decorated with stone bas-relief sculptures with vegetal and geometric motifs and coats-of-arms.


Tarłówna’s Ghost

The legend tells us about the beautiful Tarłówna with golden braids, the daughter of the voivode, who fell in love with a poor courtier and pledged to be faithful to him. When her father learned about it, he ordered the daughter to marry a rich nobleman. The girl opposed her father who to cleanse the disgrace from the family name ordered her lover killed and that she be bricked up alive with her dowry in the tower next to the concert hall in the castle. At the beginning of the 20th century a skeleton was found in this place and a golden braid. There was no sign of the dowry. The braid was lost during the time of war. According to some, on moonless nights, the ghost of Tarłówna appears at the castle; it is said that some people saw it in the last century.


The International Knights Tournament in Dębno has been organised for a dozen or so years and is one of the biggest events of its kind in Poland.The event is accompanied by stunt shows and ancient cannon salvos, as well as court dance performances and displays of juggling skills.