Małopolska with children: places that teach, entertain and delight

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Open-air museums, towns like living art galleries, and places that make it easy to watch the wild world of animals. Małopolska has many of such attractions. So, if you are looking for family inspirations that are not sad museums, see what our region offers. Please believe that getting to know and visiting Małopolska's attractions does not have to be boring, but it also does not have to take place in crowds, where you will quickly lose patience and the little ones will start to grumble. The map of our attractions combines nature with the region's beauty to show what they have most to offer. They will give you joy and allow you to spend your time so that both children and adults can relax. Here are some suggestions:

The Bobrowisko Nature Enclave, Stary Sącz

The Bobrowisko Natural Enclave near Stary Sącz, one of the most beautiful towns in Małopolska, is an observation of nature, silence, views of the Dunajec River and a chance to see a live beaver, or maybe even an entire beaverfamily. It is a place which shows the everyday invisible - because it is usually nocturnal - world of the beaver’s existence, its habits, secrets and rituals. Here, you will get to know the mammal, an excellent swimmer, as it can stay underwater for up to 15 minutes. You will see the elaborate plan to build dams, feeding grounds and architectural gems. The path among the trees, which is easy to follow with a pram, is not only a journey during which we can observe the system of canals connecting water reservoirs in the area, but also the world of insects and amphibians, and a mute swan. Educational placards make it possible to explore the secrets of the beaver's life, its habits and mysteries, and also to convince ourselves that this friendly rodent is not a malicious pest, as some people think.

Region: the Beskid Sądecki

Local Draisine Railway Regulice

Do you know what a draisine is? Yes, it is an old railway vehicle. And did you know that even today, you can take a trip around Alwernia on one? The Local Draisine Railway Regulice consists of ten four-seat bicycle hand carriages powered by your legs, and one handcar. The route covered by the draisine is one of the most beautiful railway routes in Poland, full of natural and geological wealth. So climb aboard, take a ride and spend the day in the fresh air. During the ride, we can seeTriassic rocks, a local vineyard, a melaphyr quarry and numerous springs bubbling from the rocks, dating back to the Mesozoic era. On the route there is the Regulice railway station and four passenger stops in Nieporaz (Oblaszki), Regulice Górne, Alwernia Spalona, and Station Winnica. There are no restrictions, and the train is suitable for any age group. Are you ready for such a ride?

Region: the Kraków-Częstochowa Upland 


Lanckorona is a town as if from a children's fairy tale or an old postcard. Tiny wooden houses spread out here on the slope of Mount Lanckorona, and time has stopped in them. It is a place for walks along trails, where you can see beautiful chapels and old villas, reach the quarry, and go along the Avenue of Silent Whispers or Lovers. Those who wish can take the horse-drawn carriage route with beautiful scenic spots or choose the bicycle option. There is also a beautiful castle here. It is said that Lanckorona is a place of lovers and angels. Among the pottery for which it is famous you will find many different angelic images, and the Festival of Angels takes place here. Those who want to learn more about the village's history can visit the Regional Museum Chamber, where children will surely be delighted with old farming tools and furniture. After all the attractions, take a seat in one of the remarkable restaurants and enjoy good food or coffee with a piece of cake.

Region: fringes of the Maków Beskids

Indian Village in Szczyrzyc

If you do not believe that you can meet Indians in Małopolska, you must see them with your own eyes. In the beautifully situated Indian Village in Szczyrzyc in an old Beskid orchard, you will find a place where you can move into a world that you have read about in youthful stories. You will see real tepees, Indian costumes, tomahawks and headdresses. The world will captivate both adults and children. It transports everyone for a few hours into the midst of Indian life, where warriors smoke the sacred pipe of peace and women make skins. Here you can also learn about Indian rituals, legends and shamanic ceremonies. In the village, you can shoot a real Indian bow at a target and take advantage of many additional workshops, including music and handicrafts, Indian cuisine, face painting, and participating in original games. Moreover, the beautiful Cisterian monastery was founded nearby, in Szczyrzyc, in 1234.

Region: The Island Beskids

Uszaty Tourist Trail in Nowy Targ

A wise owl and nature reign here. It is an ideal place to learn about the nightlife of predators and their secrets and habits that are sometimes difficult for humans to observe. The Uszaty Tourist Trail is Poland's first picturesque educational trail dedicated to owls, specifically long-eared ones.. It leads from Nowy Targ to the village of Bór in the municipality of Szaflary. It is about six kilometres long. So, if you want to spend time in a beautiful place, show your children the reserve, and also teach them respect for the surrounding nature, here is your chance. On the picturesque trail, there are stops in the form of plaques, which present information about the life of four eagle families. The trail runs through areas that are extremely attractive and valuable in terms of the natural environment around the  Bór na Czerwonem Nature Reserve. Part of the area of Natura 2000, the trail is recommended as an educational path for those wanting to learn about the fascinating world of nature. The trail is suitable for cycling (part of the Cycling Route Around the Tatras) and walking.

Region: the Podhale Region

The Museum of Road Construction in Szczucin

I never imagined that building a road was such a fascinating thing. It is not just about paving but about the equipment used for these tasks for centuries. They included locomotives, road rollers and roadside cutters. In Szczucin, a small town, all these mysterious devices, often already old and historical, have found their place. The Museum of Road Construction in Szczucin is the only such museum in Poland which attracts both technology enthusiasts and laypersons. The exhibition in the museum building includes a presentation of the construction techniques of roads and bridges in Poland, primarily the old and contemporary ones. The open-air museum of machines and equipment used in the road construction industry since the end of the 19th century, which is a walking alley, appears very interesting. One walks between various types of road surfaces, historically presented from the Cretan road to the contemporary ones, for the laying of which the exhibited machines were used. The machines on display are magnificent. These are large boilers, crushers, ploughs and rollers, whose purpose is sometimes challenging to discover. You can find out all their secrets here.

Region: Tarnów and its surroundings


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