Rowerem po dawnej granicy

A bike ride along the former border

From 2019-06-23 to 2019-06-23
A bike ride along the former border
Data i godzina rozpoczęcia: Sunday, 23 June 2019 10:00
Data i godzina zakończenia: Sunday, 23 June 2019 13:30
Niesułowice Tourist subregion: Krakowski
tel. +48 326494490
Organizator: Miejski Ośrodek Sportu i Rekreacji w Olkuszu oraz Rada Sołecka Niesułowic
Wiejska 1a, 32-300
Come to Niesułowice near Olkusz on Sunday, June 23, for a Bicycle Rally along the Border Cordon Trail and a Nordic Walking March.
The Rally is organized by the Municipal Sports and Recreation Centre in Olkusz and the Niesułowice Village Council in cooperation with the cities of Bukowno and Trzebinia. Participants of the Rally will meet at 10.00 AM at a recreation point in Niesułowice. Participation is free of charge, you just need to have a bike in a prescribed roadworthy condition. Children younger than 10 years old may participate in the Rally only with their parents and under their care. You can register for the Rally at the Municipal Sports and Recreation Centre website. The cyclists will have to overcome about 20 km, and the Nordic Walking March route is about 5-8 km. The Rally will end at 1.30 PM with presentation of awards. The participants will be also offered food and drinks at that time. During the event, a charity action will be run for Tomek Warzecha, a resident of Niesułowice, who is struggling with severe cancer.
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