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VeloMałopolska – a recipe for a successful holiday!

VeloMałopolska – a recipe for a successful holiday!

Mama z dwójką nastolatków stoją z rowerami przed zdobionymi drzwiami katedry w Tarnowie
Is a week enough to ride a bike with my family? Yes! And have a great time at the same time!

Fourteen-year-old Mikołaj, along with his younger sister and parents, took up the challenge. In a week they traveled the length and breadth of Małopolska and described their journey in a multimedia guide: VeloMałopolska. Travel diary. Now you can also follow in their footsteps! 

The new cycling season is an opportunity to face new challenges and good cycling vibes. And Małopolska has a lot to offer! Get to know the proposal for an extraordinary cycling adventure and remember: in Małopolska all cycling dreams come true.

dziewczynka na rowerze

VeloMałopolska. Travel diary – a recipe for a family cycling week in Małopolska.

Our proposal for a several-day family cycling trip is described in the guide: VeloMałopolska. The travel diary was checked last year by a family wrote the blog: 14-year-old Mikołaj, his younger sister Milena and their parents Magda and Piotr. Our characters set off by train to Zakopane from the Main Railroad Station in Krakow and after over a week, and after driving over 460 km by bike, they returned to Krakow. They traveled along the following routes: VeloDunajec, Vistula Bike Route, EuroVelo 4 and the Tatra Mountains Trail. They visited Zakopane, Nowy Targ, Szczawnica, Stary Sącz, Tarnów and Niepołomice. They tried the famous Nowy Targ’s ice cream and healing waters in Szczawnica. They relaxed in pools with thermal water, had a great time rafting down the Dunajec River on an inflatable boat or using the gravity slides in Kluszkowce and Szczawnica and zip lines through the Czorsztyn Lake. They also tested their manual and artistic skills in Zalipie by painting the village’s famous floral patterns.

mama z dziećmi przed malowaną chatą w Zalipiu

En route, they used the offer of Cyclist-Friendly Places and tested the Rowerowa Małopolska navigation application for Android and iOS. 

What was the biggest advantage of their trip, according to Mikołaj? That was not another boring bike path where you only clock up kilometers and, besides, nothing interesting happens. On the contrary! Everyone will find something for themselves (VeloMałopolska. Travel diary).

nastolatki na rowerach

Before embarking on a longer trip it is good to practice your fitness on shorter one-day routes. Online maps are available in the Maps tab, and paper editions bought at kiosks of the Małopolska Tourist Information Network (MSIT). Additional inspiration for travel will be provided by our guides which you can download from the Inspirations section, hard copies of which you can also get from MSIT.

See you on the route!