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1. The Czerwony Dwór Native Culture Centre, Zakopane - Obiekt - VisitMalopolska


Centrum Kultury Rodzimej Czerwony Dwór Zakopane

1. The Czerwony Dwór Native Culture Centre, Zakopane

Zdjęcie drewnianej tradycyjnej willi zakopiańskiej z zewnątrz
Czerwony Dwór found in the heart of Zakopane is one of the most beautiful and most important villas of the city which has welcomed the most distinguished artists into its hearth.

It was built in 1901-1902 by Wojciech Roja, a close associate of Stanisław Witkiewicz, in the Zakopane style. The villa was bought by Ms. Pourbeix-Zakrzewska in the mid-1920s. The new owner covered the roof in red roofing tiles and changed its name to “Czerwony Dwór”, a name which is still used today. The villa has been home to artists such as Arthur Rubinstein, Stefan Żeromski and his son Adam, as well as Karol Szymanowski. During Szymanowski’s stay, other guests also stopped by such as: Zofia Nałkowska, Piotr and Rafał Malczewski, Zbigniew Uniłowski and Henryk Sztompka. After 1945, an outpost of the branch of Józef Kuraś’ legendary “Ogień” (Fire) operated in the building. In 2016, the building was completely renovated and repurposed into a cultural centre promoting the native art of Zakopane. The Centre hosts exhibitions of artists from Podhale, folk art workshops, lectures and talks. You can also see traditional glass painting here.