In and around Oświęcim

Zamek Oświęcim
Following the trail of historic residences, it is worth seeing the Castle in Oświęcim. Its most glorious period falls in the 14th century, when it served as the seat of the Piast princes. The castle then burned down in 1503, and it was rebuilt by order of King Alexander Jagiellon in the 16th century. Over the next centuries, it was rebuilt many times, which is why its current shape is a delightful combination of various architectural styles. The ruins of the Lipowiec Castle in Wygiełzów are located on a limestone hill with a height of 362 metres asl. In the old days, the Castle served as the seat of the Krakow bishops, today it is an excellent vantage point from which we can admire the panorama of the adjacent “Lipowiec” nature reserve. The Renaissance Palace and Park Complex in Młoszowa, in turn, is an ideal place to stroll around the park overgrown with old trees and visit the attractive part of the palace with the adjacent chapel.


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