Cycling eco-tours in the Małopolska region

Przewodnik po Małopolsce
Explore Małopolska in a slow and eco rhythm.

Ecotourism is about intimate discovery and learning about unique places and people, their culture, traditions, and monuments. Thanks to ecotourism, we are closer to nature and have the chance to experience, feel, learn about and admire the world around us.

Below you will find a list with proposals of ready-made cycling tours in an eco style through the regions of the Małopolska. Each document contains a description of the route, the level of difficulty, a list of attractions and points of interest associated with the place, as well as practical information useful along the route.

In and around Krakow

Tarnów and its surroundings

Western Małopolska 


Nowy Sącz Land

Electronic maps are also available at and in the Rowerowa Małopolska app – download (Android version).