Route 42: History enchanted in wood

Nowy Sącz, Librantowa (8 km) Mogilno (14 km) Cieniawa (20 km) Mystków (27 km) Kunów (31 km) Nowy Sącz (36,7 km) 

36,7 km, 4h, difficulty – medium

Altitude profile of the route:

This "watch and admire" trip begins in Nowy Sącz. In addition, part of the proposed route leads through extremely picturesque ridges and charming river valleys. We start from the town hall, Piotra Skargi Street, we pass the local castle, cross the bridge on Kamienica and down Zdrojowa Street we get to the intersection with the national road No 28. After the intersection, we turn right, then left into Barska Street, and after 400 m turn right onto Librantowska Street. We are leaving the town
and we start a quite demanding climb. We go to Librantowa along a scenic ridge with beautiful panoramas. We turn right and alternate descents and climbs to cycle another 5 km. At the intersection with a large cross, we turn left to Mogilno, where it is worth visiting the wooden church. At the end of the village, take the side road to the right and after 700 m we turn right again towards the towering slope of Jodłowa Góra. At the bifurcation we choose the left arm. We enter the asphalt road, which then turns into a steep, stone road, we pass the Yew Tree Reserve in Mogilno, and get to the pass. We cross the blue trail and descend to the national road. Having carefully turned left, after a few meters we turn right towards the church in Cieniawa. Through the hamlets of Podpołudnie and Pagórek, we bypass the small valley with source streams of Zarębka from the south. We go west along the scenic ridge, passing along the way Mystków with its historic church and Kunów. In Kunów, we join a yellow bike trail, which we will follow for another 3 km. Curving to the right, we change the direction to the north and along the main road we reach the Sądecki Ethnographic Park. After visiting the park, we take Wieniawy Długoszowskiego Street to reach the two-lane national road No 75 (traffic lights), then we turn left and – at the next traffic lights – we turn right into Nadbrzeżna Street, then Gwardyjska and Lwowska Street, which will lead us to the market square, where we finish the trip.


1. Blacksmith's Gate in Nowy Sącz – a remnant of a fortified castle erected in the 14th century and blown up on 18 January 1945.
2. Collegiate Church of St Margaret in Nowy Sącz – the oldest of all the preserved sacred buildings in Nowy Sącz, its present shape has been given in in the turn of the 14th and 15th century.
3. Town Hall in Nowy Sącz – built in 1898 in an eclectic style.
4. Gothic House in Nowy Sącz – erected at the beginning of the 16th century, currently the District Museum.
5. Synagogue in Nowy Sącz – erected about 1780 in place of the previous wooden synagogue. Inside, a branch of the District Museum with a modest exhibition of Judaica.
6. Wooden church in Mogilno – built in 1765. Within the church area there is a chapel with a sculpture of Scourged Christ from the 16th century.
7. Yew Tree Reserve in Mogilno – created on the northern slopes of Jodłowa Góra, covering an area of 35 ha. It was created to protect several hundred yew trees in the fir forest complex.
8. Church in Mystków – built of stone and brick in 1905–1910. A neo-Baroque style temple with one nave and cross plan.
9. Sądecki Ethnographic Park in Nowy Sącz-Falkowa – an open-air museum, which collected monuments of rural architecture of Nowy Sącz highlanders, Lachy Sądeckie, Polish Uplanders, Lemkos and Carpathian Gypsies. The largest museum of this type in the Małopolska Region.

Kolegiata pw. św. Małgorzaty

Skansen w Nowym Sączu

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