Route 35: Surrounded by mist

Rabka-Zdrój, Skawa (5 km) Naprawa (12 km) Łętownia (16 km) Jordanów (23 km) Chabówka (36 km) Rabka-Zdrój (38,7 km) 

38,7 km, 5 h, difficulty – medium

Altitude profile of the route:

The trip sets off from the beautiful health resort – Rabka Zdrój – and leads through picturesque hills and valleys on the border of the Beskid Żywiecki and Gorce Mountains – less explored by tourists. We start at the railway station in Rabka, from which we turn left into Orkana Street (red trail). We pass a wooden church with the Orkan Museum inside (a bit further we can find the Museum of Highlanders and Robbers), and at the intersection we go along Sądecka Street to the left, then along Kilińskiego Street to the right. We pass straight the bifurcation at the Zakopane-Kraków road and go down to Skawa, where we turn right. Following the wavy asphalt road we reach road No 28. We turn right, and then turn left and go down to Naprawa. Then we take a gentle climb along the buildings to the scenic ridge. Following the sharp curve to the right, we reach the intersection and turn left. We then continue down along the serpentine, and further by a gentle descent to Łętownia with a wooden church next to the intersection. We turn left onto Jordanów. After 7 km we cross the market square in Jordanów. We turn by the church towards the railway crossing, after which we turn left, then we turn right onto a gravel road to follow the red tourist trail and finally, cycling on a steep climb with serpentine, we reach Wysoka. We pass the defensive manor from the 16th century and go downhill. About 600 m below, along the black tourist trail, we turn left and descend to the Skawa Valley. Having crossed the bridge on the river, we turn left and return to Skawa along the valley. The we get onto the intersection by the church with a soaring bell tower and then we go straight ahead along road No 7. Before cycling onto the viaduct, it is worth going right to the railway museum in Chabówka. Having passed the viaduct, we pass a dark tunnel and reach the Chabówka railway station. We turn left on the main road and get to the railway station in Rabka-Zdrój.


1. The health resort activity of Rabka dates back to the mid-19th century, and is based on brine sources. The first baths and health resort buildings as well as villas modelled on Swiss resorts date from this period. Currently, Rabka is a recognized children's health resort, which had a significant impact on the construction of "Rabkoland" – a family leisure park for children.
2. Wooden church in Rabka-Zdrój – built in 1606, with a log structure, boarded and covered with shingles. Inside, we can admire valuable polychromy and equipment from the second half of the 17th and the 18th century. Currently, the Władysław Orkan Regional Museum. Information:
3. Museum of Highlanders and Robbers – Jan Fudala's Gorce Museum. Cottage of Artistic Adventure – an attractive combination of ethnographic collections, folk art, multimedia and artistic games.
4. Wooden church in Łętownia – from the second half of the 18th century, log construction. Inside, a valuable rococo polychromy and furnishings from the 18th century.
5. Church in Jordanów – from the mid-16th century, thoroughly rebuilt in 1908. Inside, there are historic paintings from the 16th century. The church is also the Sanctuary of Trust in Our Lady of Jordan.
6. Fortified Manor on Wysoka – built in the 16th century in the Renaissance style. The current owner, founder of the Fundacja Lutni Staropolskiej (Old Polish Lute Foundation), use to organizes here concerts promoting Renaissance music.
7. The open-air museum in Chabówka – the largest museum of this type in Poland, founded on the site of a 19th-century engine house. The exhibition includes steam engines, diesel and electric locomotives, wagons, cranes, and snow ploughs. In summer, the retro train rides are very popular. Information:

Kościół w Łętowni

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