Route 12: Calvary Roads

Kalwaria Zebrzydowska, G. Kamionka (5 km) Stryszów (10 km) Góra Chełm (16,5 km) Skawinki (22 km) Lanckorona (25 km) Kalwaria Zebrzydowska (29 km) 

29 km, 3 h, difficulty – medium

Altitude profile of the route:


Very interesting, but at the same time quite demanding route. We will visit many attractive facilities and admire beautiful views. However, to do so, we have to conquer several difficult climbs. The trip begins at the parking lot in front of the Bernardine monastery in Kalwaria Zebrzydowska. We follow the blue trail south, turn left after 1 km by the chapel, into the alley – Calvary Roads. We cross the railroad tracks and pass other chapels. Then we continue straight and, having passed the last building, we go right at the bifurcation of paths to go down to the next chapel, where we turn sharply right again. Next, as if returning, we follow the yellow bike trail down the Calvary Roads. We go along the curve to the left, cross the tracks, and reach the main road Kalwaria – Zakrzów. We turn left onto a steep climb to the ridge of Kamionka (viewpoint on the top). At the edge of the forest, we turn right and follow the blue bike trail along a scenic ridge. At the intersection with the main road, we turn left diagonally, and after a gentle climb, we steeply descend to Stryszów. Before the railway crossing, we pass the farm buildings and a magnificent manor house with a museum exhibition. We then cross the intersection in Stryszów straight ahead and begin a fairly long climb along the green bike trail to the side ridge of the Chełm Mountain. Already in the forest, we turn right at the bifurcation and in the hamlet of Wielkie Pole to the left, where we take a short descent and then climb again to the second arm of the ridge. We climb along the red trail to the top of the Chełm Mountain, bypassing the largest steep slope with a shortcut on the right. Then we go along the ridge; we pass the intersection and continue straight on the asphalt road down to Skawinki, where we pass a wooden church. We descend to the main road and at the second intersection we follow the red bike trail, entering the steep climb leading to Lanckorona. Sticking to the trails (as the bike one combines with the yellow and blue hiking trails) we get to the market square in Lanckorona, which we will leave by Świętokrzyska Street towards the north-east. A kilometre further, we turn left into Legionistów Street, which at the end descend to the Church of Our Lady Sepulchre, where we turn right. After 200 m, we turn left at the curve. We cross the Angel Bridge and climb by the Calvary Roads to the Bernardine monastery.


1. The Passion-Marian Sanctuary in Kalwaria Zebrzydowska – the largest Way of the Cross in Poland, founded in the 17th century by Mikołaj Zebrzydowski. It consists of 45 churches, chapels, chapels, statues and bridges that are stations dedicated to the history of the life of the Jesus Christ and the Mother of God. The local calvary is maintained by the Bernardines, who at the beginning of the 17th century lived in a Baroque monastery built especially for them. In the basilica belonging to the monastery complex there is a wonderful painting of the Mother of God of Calvary, adored by crowds of pilgrims. In 1999, the sanctuary was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Information:
2. The Manor in Stryszów belongs to the most interesting monuments of former residential construction in the Małopolska Region. Built at the end of the 16th century and rebuilt in the middle of the 18th century, it is a branch of the Wawel Royal Castle. A permanent exhibition entitled "Interiors of the Polish manor in the 19th century" is presented in the premises of the manor. Information:
3. Wooden church in Skawinki – built in 1733 in Przytkowice, from where it was moved to its present place in the 1960s. The building has carcass structure, it is boarded and covered with shingle.
4. Historic buildings in Lanckorona – a well-preserved complex of wooden 19th-century log structure houses stretching along the steep market square and streets of the town situated on the slope of Lanckorona Mountain. A characteristic feature of the houses are wide arcades protruding from their facades. Above the Lanckorona market square, the ruins of a medieval castle are rising.
5. Church of the Our Lady Sepulchre in Brody – a magnificent building, one of the stations of the Calvary Way of the Cross, resembling a sarcophagus, to which a Baroque arcade porch with an original dome was added. It is worth paying attention to the 16th-century picture of the "Lanckorona Christ", coming from the chapel of the no longer existing Lanckorona castle.

Sanktuarium w Kalwarii Zebrzydowskiej



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