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Vistula Cycle Route - WTR

Vistula Cycle Route
The Małopolska section of the Vistula Cycle Route is now largely complete. 210 of the planned 232 km paths of the European EuroVelo standard. The entire route along the banks of the Vistula will eventually cover 1200 km. So far, cycling sections have been made available in three voivodships: Silesia Region, Małopolska Region and Pomerania Region. Cyclists are still going to have to wait for the direct connection between the mountains and the sea, but this does not change the fact that the completed sections of the WTR are one of the most popular cycling routes in Poland.
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Length – 230 km (partially connected with EuroVelo4/VeloMetropolis and EuroVelo11/VeloNatura)

Start – Jawiszowice (border with the Silesian Region)

Finish – Szczucin (border with Świętokrzyskie Region)

Proposed route of the Małopolska section including detours / download GPX file / see GPS

There are two short but steep climbs on the route (Kamień and Tyniec, Bogucianka Street). There are also a few gravel and dirt sections.

Watch out for seasonal construction work and temporary closures of the ramparts!

The trail follows through normal traffic roads (with possible heavy traffic and significant elevation changes) in the following sections that do NOT exist yet.

All obstructions are systematically indicated on the map below.

How to reach the Vistula Cycle Route?

Firstly, you can continue your journey from Silesia Region. From the very beginning of the Vistula Cycle Route, that is from the Wisła Uzdrowisko railway station, after driving 80 km, in the village of Dankowice, you are going to leave Silesia Region and continue the ride Małopolska Region - from Jawiszowice to Szczucin.

From the Main Railway Station in Krakow

At the back of the railway station platforms, there is a cycle path which can take you directly to the WTR (head towards the Mogilskie Roundabout, later towards Grzegórzeckie Roundabout and finally the route over the Vistula River).

Rowerzysta jedzie po ścieżce rowerowej wzdłuż rzeki

By train

Railway stations where the Vistula Cycle Route is located: Brzeszcze-Jawiszowice ; Oświęcim; Kraków; Węgrzce Wielkie, Staniątki. The regulations for the carriage of bicycles are available at the websites of the Polregio and Małopolska Railways - Koleje Małopolskie. Please also be advised about the Małopolska Bicycle Ticket.

By car

Places where you can comfortably change to a bicycle and ride up the Vistula Cycle Route:
Harmęże (by the church); Oświęcim; Mętków (by the football field); Jankowice (by the bridge); Okleśna (by the football field); Kamień (by the football field); Łączany (by the power plant); Facimiech; Tyniec; Kraków; Brzegi (near Campus Misericordiae); Grabie (near the stadium); Niepołomice; Ispina; Uście Solne (marketplace); Kopacze Wielkie; Wietrzychowice; Siedliszowice ; Ujście Jezuickie (near the BSP); Szczucin

What awaits tourists on the Małopolska section of the Vistula Cycle Route?

Attractions available directly by the route:

Trasa rowerowa pomiędzy stawami, widok z lotu ptaka

In addition, local cycling routes are being developed along the Vistula Cycle Route, which significantly increases the selection of interesting places to visit. Prepared tours with the cycle route stated and a description of the attractions available on the cycle routes branching from the VCR:

  • Brzeszcze by bike - route length: 15.0 km, difficulty level: easy
  • Grodzisko and Skansen cycling route - route length: 17.9 km, difficulty level: easy
  • Carp Valley Bike Trail - route length: 86.9 km, difficulty level: medium
  • Lower Drwinka Trail - route length: 15.8 km, difficulty level: easy
  • By picturesque corners of the Skawina Municipality - route length: 43.6 km, difficulty level: medium
  • Sal de Bochegna - “Salina Cracoviensis” connection - trail length: 21.5 km, difficulty level: medium
  • By bike to Malowane Zalipie - route length: from Krakow 115 km, the trip has several variants 
  • Vistula Cycle Route and VeloDunajec - for road bikes, difficulty level: difficult
  • Greenways Amber Trail - route length: 246.6 km, difficulty level: difficult

It is also worth mentioning that while riding on the WTR from Jawiszowice to Wola Batorska, you are at the same time riding on the EuroVelo4/VeloMetropolis route. To stay on the WTR in Wola Batorska, you need to avoid the exit from the rampart where the VeloMetropolis leads in another direction, and continue north towards Szczucin. However, in Wietrzychowice you can turn from the WTR and enter VeloDunajec.

Ścieżka rowerowa przy stawie

Cyclist Service Points - MOR

The Vistula Cycle Route consists of long sections running outside built-up areas, mostly along ramparts. MOR are stopping points where you can rest, take shelter from rain or wind, use seasonal portable toilets, and carry out minor bike repairs with stationary tool kits. List of MORs along the Vistula Cycle Route (all locations are presented on maps): Brzeszcze; Oświęcim; Gromiec; Rozkochów; Łączany; Niepołomice; Ispina; Kopacze Wielkie; Ujście Jezuickie; Pawłów; Szczucin.

Elevation profile of the route:


Current WTR maps in PDF, edition 2021, available for download and printing (A4 format).

8. Ujście Jezuickie – Szczucin / 9. Between Uście Solne and Ujście Jezuickie / 10. Niepołomice Forest / 11. Kraków/Cracow / 12. West of Cracow / 13. Zator and Carp Valley (Dolina Karpia) / 14. Oświęcim and the surrounding area