VeloMetropolis (part of EuroVelo 4 in Małopolska region)

Altitude profile:

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Length – 220 km (partly together with VBR and VeloNatura)
Start – Jawiszowice (border with the Śląskie voivodeship)
Finish line - Jodłówka Wałki (border with the Podkarpackie voivodeship)

Basic information:  VeloMetropolis is the Małopolska region's section of the EuroVelo 4 route. It runs through the valley of Vistula river and its tributaries. It is distinguished by picturesque views and extremely attractive natural areas, including primarily the Niepołomice Forest. The route also leads through many historical places, including the Auschwitz-Birkenau Museum in Oświęcim and Brzezinka, or the Wincenty Witos Museum in Wierzchosławice.

At the section from the Brzeszcze commune to the Niepołomice commune (from Jawiszowice to Wola Batorska) it will coincide with the Vistula Bicycle Route.

Detailed route

Towns and villages: Jawiszowice, Brzeszcze, Harmęże, Oświęcim, Broszkowice, Gromiec, Mętków, Jankowice, Okleśna, Kamień, Łączany, Pozowice, Skawina, Tyniec, Kraków, Brzegi, Niepołomice, Wola Batorska, Mikluszowice, Dąbrówka, Szczepanów, Bogumiłowice, Ostrów, Tarnów, Zaczarnie, Jodłówka Wielka.