Bicycle Salt Ring “Salina Cracoviensis” – a tourist trail along the former Wieliczka-Bochnia saline

scieżka rowerowa przez pola
Bicycle Salt Ring “Salina Cracoviensis” is a tourist cultural trail through the former Wieliczka-Bochnia salines. The trail was created in the years 2009–2011 and was aimed at creating a network consisting of the main route, described below, and the connecting routes (including the separately described Sal de Bochegna, as well as the Rzezawski and Nowowiśnicki links).
Beginning of the trail: Bochnia
End of the trail: Bochnia
Total length of the trail: 90.3 km
Difficulty: medium

It is marked in blue. Despite the fact that the trail doesn’t look like being maintained, it is still worth recommending, because it's a good suggestion for trips to the main tourist centers of this region, i.e. Wieliczka, Bochnia, Niepołomice and the Niepołomice Forest. We suggest riding by GPX traces, because in the area of the above-mentioned cities, there is practically no signage or it's rudimentary, and the road system has changed in several places (while the suggested trail runs along new sections of pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure, e.g. in Bochnia). We determine the level of difficulty as medium, mainly due to differences in height (in particular on the southern section) and routing around Ochmanów and Wieliczka along fragments of poorly maintained dirt roads and paths.
In the vicinity of the Niepołomice Forest, the trail meets the VeloMetropolis (EuroVelo4) and VeloRaba routes, and its central axis is the railway line, which we recommend, when you start your trip in Kraków (e.g. to reach Wieliczka). Resting places can be found mainly in the Niepołomice Forest and in Bochnia.

The maximum altitude is 424 m asl. The lowest point on the route is at an altitude of 192 m asl.
The route runs through the following protected areas:
Reserves: Gibiel
Natura 2000: Niepołomice Forest
28% of the route runs through the forest.

Tourist attractions: Bochnia – Royal Salt Mines in Wieliczka and Bochnia (town of Bochnia), Stanisław Fischer Museum in Bochnia (town of Bochnia), Graduation Tower (town of Wieliczka), Wieliczka – Royal Salt Mines in Wieliczka and Bochnia (town of Wieliczka), Salt Works Castle (town of Wieliczka).

Natural attractions: Natura 2000 – Niepołomice Forest, Natura 2000 – peat bog Wielkie Błoto, Dębina Nature Reserve, Gibiel Nature Reserve, Crystal Caves Nature Reserve.

The trail runs 20% on roads separated from car traffic.