You say: Bike, You think: Małopolska!

You say: Bike, You think: Małopolska!

ścieżka rowerowa wśród pól, na poboczu stoi rower na horyzoncie widać góry
For families - take it easy. For athletes - boldly. For visualizers - scenic! The region of Małopolska has a well-developed network of trails and modern cycle routes dedicated to all lovers of riding on two wheels.

We invite you to Małopolska

Cycling in the Małopolska region the best cycling routes according to blogosphere is a unique guide presenting twenty remarkable bike tours around the Małopolska region. All of the routes are recommended by widely known and appreciated authors of popular travel blogs. Many of them have visited remote and exotic corners of the world, others know Małopolska down to the slightest detail. Among them, there are seasoned long-distance runners, globetrotters, or parents sharing their passion for traveling with their children. It is through the prism of their ideas, experiences, and interests, how we want to reveal the cycling face of the Małopolska region: routes that need to be travelled, places that need to be visited, traditions that need to be discovered, or delicacies that need to be savoured. By following in their footsteps, recognizing their recommendations and tips, we will experience the exceptionality and taste the uniqueness of the region. The descriptions of the trails are often intertwined with digressions, practical advice, fleeting impressions, or photos with a hint of sentiment. Everyone will surely find an idea for a bike trip for themselves in these personal stories. We invite you to a journey that will be remembered for a long time and will not let you forget us.


Cycling in the Małopolska region the best cycling routes according to blogosphere: